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at St.Olaves & Ellingham

Dog Training Classes are at either St.Olaves or Ellingham please check each event HERE for the location Wednesday's evening, Saturdays morning

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6-week courses

Dog training will enable your skills to handle your dog in a kind and fair way. Want to know how to teach your dog to listen, come when called, sit and walk on the lead nicely? These are all things you will learn on a training course.

Even the most experienced owner still needs guidance. The training levels are designed to fit with any ability and allow for progression as your training improves.

If you have completed a training course elsewhere please contact us and let us know what training your dog can do already, otherwise you will need to start from beginners level; Nickel.

If you feel you need to socialise your dog, or work on your dog’s negative reaction to other dogs, then classes aren't the place to start, please get in touch.

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Dog Training Classes
Dog Training Classes

wed vs sat


Beginner dogs or puppies over 6-months old are welcome to join the 6pm Wednesday group subject to space. All puppies over 6-months or adult dogs joining classes must be dog-to-dog friendly and mustn't bark excessively with excitement.

All adults will work through the Pooch Paws Dog Training Scheme starting at Nickel if a course has not been completed else where. More information can be found at class info.


Saturday 10am class is for beginners. This is a mixed ability class which runs in 6-week blocks. Generally you will enter at Nickel level of the Pooch Paws Dog Training Scheme.

Saturday 11am class is for intermediate and advanced dogs progressing either from 10am class or joining with a minimum of Bronze Kennel Club scheme award.

Normally there is a waiting list for Saturday classes, once a student has a place they can remain and progress to more advanced training.

class benefits

Prevent bad habits forming
Learning new skills
How to manage a training challenge
A happy relationship

Dogs that have attended classes are less likely to form behaviour issues.
Book your place in a small intimate class today, spaces are limited
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Dog Training Classes

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Looking for information on adult puppy training classes?

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If your question isn't answered here take a look at the FAQ page or the class info page. If you can't find the answer then shoot over an email.


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