at St.Olaves & other locations

2-hour workshops are £40 when hosted by Pooch Paws or Katey Aldred. Costs may vary for third party hosts

dog-to-dog friendly dogs is essential including no excessive barking at dogs or people. Clicker/marker training ideal but if you have not done this you will be sent instructions on loading the clicker/marker prior to the workshop.

r+ gundog training

Gundog training is via positive reinforcement utilising clicker training.

Topics covered include:
Targeting: nose and chin
Focus work: attention
Steadiness: sit work, stops, control
Heelwork: utilising targeting and focus
Retrieving: clicker retrieve, games and skill
Platform training: how to utilise
Directions: left, right, back
Whistle cues: what they are and how to teach them

Essential equipment: everything listed above plus; a 10-15 metre long line, acme whistle, platform x2, retrieve items

When: approximately the last Sunday of every month
Where: Ellingham

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normal collar, clicker, treat pouch, normal lead (no chain, or flexi leads), a positive attitude. Look at the links page for recommended equipment (under the about tab). Please ensure harnesses fit properly and resemble the Perfect Fit harness rather than being in front of the shoulders

scent training workshop

This first workshop will begin with an introduction and work on indication methods. As these are aimed at fun there will be flexibility in the teaching to cater for each dog's natural ability to work towards active indication.
All abilities are welcome, and training will be tailored to your level.

A maximum of 5 dogs with one owner will be present at this 2-hour workshop.

When: 7th October 2023

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loose lead walking workshop

Does your dog pull on the lead? Loose lead walking workshop will give you the tools you need to start you on your journey.

What will you learn? Important foundations in teaching this exercise, some fun tricks to make it more interesting and an understanding of why dogs pull.

Essential equipment: all of the above

When: date coming soon!

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recall workshop


Does your dog ignore you when off lead? Does your dog ignore the come cue? The recall workshop will give you the tools you need on your journey on improving this training exercise.

What will you learn? Important foundations on improving recall, important do's and don'ts, ways to improve your relationship and an understanding of why it has been going wrong.

Essential equipment: everything listed above plus a 10-15 metre long line

Two parts: This workshop is split into 2x 1-hour workshops that are 2-weeks apart. Part-1 is at St.Olaves, part-2 is out on location. The second location is to be confirmed but it may be a short drive from St.Olaves

When: date coming soon!

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